My family had a couple of milestone moments this weekend.  My husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary, and my baby is now 1 1/2 years old!  So often I find myself saying to friends, "Time seems to go by so quickly." and "My kids are growing up way too fast." 

Do you remember when you were a kid and those special occasions seemed like they would never arrive?  Did you say "How much longer until my birthday?"  or "I can't wait until I go to college."?  I did!  And yet, there are days now that I want to freeze time, make it go a little slower.  I bet you do too (except when it’s not quite Friday yet and you are eager for the weekend!).

Life is racing past us like a competitor’s car on a racetrack.  At times I find myself so focused on the end of the race that I don’t pay attention to the actual drive.  Then, there are other times where I wish I could just stay in the pit stop and camp out for a while. 

What does the race look like in our career lives?  In the past mine looked a lot like a blur of activity as I was climbing a vertical ladder trying to reach a destination I had not defined yet.  It wasn’t until I took stock of what really mattered most to me in life – my faith, my family, and my freedom – that I realized I was living life for “tomorrow”.  And what agony that created, always longing for that point in time that was just out of reach. 

Once I allowed myself to be honest about what was important to me, life slowed down a little bit.  Rather than wishing time to scurry past so I could get to the next big project or the next role, I found myself enjoying most days for what they held in store for me. 

Time is still going a bit faster than I would like, especially as I look at my personal life.  However, I am grateful for the lessons I have learned along the way, for my understanding of what is important to me, and for the opportunity to shape my career to best use my gifts to serve those around me.

What step can you take to slow down the pace of life? How are aligning what is important to you with your career so you can enjoy every day more fully?