My son started middle school this year, and he decided to try out for the basketball team. He went to all of the open gym nights to practice and learn from the coaches before tryouts. He worked hard, put in the effort and the hours, but he does not have a lot of playing experience. The night of the tryouts I waited anxiously at home, not sure of how it would go for him.  When he walked in the door, he had a half smile on his face and said “I did not make the team.” Then, he headed up to shower and go to bed. The next day I pulled him aside and asked, “How are you feeling about how things turned out with basketball tryouts?” I was a little surprised when he said he was okay. He then said, “I want to try out again in 7th grade.”

How easily and how often do we give up or give in rather than persevere?  Yet, here is my son who put himself out there for something in which he is really interested. When he got the news that it was not meant to be for this season, he did not give up. He is showing his perseverance with his desire to give it a try again next year.

No one ever said that life was meant to be easy or that you would succeed on your first try.  The key is perseverance. 

When it comes to your career, in what areas have you given up or given in?  What action will you take to pick it back up again and move towards your career dream?