Tomorrow is election day, and we all have tough choices to make.  These decisions will have an impact on our government for years to come.  So many people I have spoken with this fall have expressed their concerns about who to choose as our commander in chief.  I have heard some say, “It’s a choice between two evils.” and others say, “Can we have a do-over and select new candidates all together?”  One gentleman said, “Morally, I am uncertain what to do.” 

There is a lot of similarity between our choices with voting and the choices we have before us each day with our careers.  Rarely do candidates check all the boxes for the behaviors and philosophies you would like to see in the people who will represent you.  It is equally rare that you have a job opportunity that fits all of the requirements you would like while eliminating all the responsibilities you dislike. 

You may be thinking: So, what’s a professional to do?”  You always have choices, even though the choices may be very difficult at times.  You have the choice to stay or to go, the choice to conform to what others expect or to follow your instinct, the choice to take the easy route or to take the path that is uniquely your own. 

Are you ready to take a deeper look at your career choices?  Are you tired of resigning yourself to the daily grind?  Have you lost sight of what you really want to do with your life?  I have been in your shoes.  I was climbing the corporate ladder because that was the expected next step.  I was in the rat race of “keeping up with the Joneses” when it came to titles and promotions, but I was not looking at how well these roles aligned with the unique gifts and talents I have to offer to the world.  I had a wake-up call when I paused long enough to realize where my career was headed and what sacrifices that would entail for my family.  That was when I looked at my choices; that was when I decided I had to follow my inner compass and design a path that was right for me.

I believe that my path today is to help others with their career choices.  I have outlined the 5 steps I took as a deeper dive into my own choices.  I included the challenging questions and exercises I completed to help guide you through each of those steps.  The best part -- this resource is available to you for free!  My only request is that you take action with this guide.  Once you download it, carve out dedicated time for you to work through it.  You and your future are worth it!