Today was one of those days where I had to take care of a million small to-dos:  I rescheduled my daughter's orthodontic appointment for after the holidays.  I called the insurance company to confirm whether a claim had been resubmitted.  I took my older kids and myself to the dentist for our regular checkups.

On our way home my daughter said, "That was the best dentist appointment I have had."  I thought she was saying this because she got to see out dentists' new puppy, but she said it was because she had done such a good job taking care of her teeth.  She was proud to recognize the fruits of her effort.

All of these medical calls and appointments caused me to reflect on how often we seek out help from medical professionals to ensure our bodies are in good condition.  In the United States, so many of us are fortunate to have access to preventative care and not feel like we have to wait until we are in a health crisis to seek medical help.

 If we are that alert to the status of our bodies (and we should be!), why aren’t we also focused on the health of our careers?  Why does it take a career crisis for us to realize that we need to do something differently?  That we need the help of a professional?

Yet, several of the clients with whom I coach have hit that proverbial brick wall.  One client told me his situation was “an emergency” – that he could not continue in the role he was in.  Another client came to me with a heavy, discouraged heart.  She felt like she had no options and was trapped in the work she was doing rather than the dream to which she had once aspired.  These individuals are making progress on shifting their mindset so they can shift careers.

One individual I have served was close to the brick wall but had not reached it yet.  During our conversations, his true passion and purpose kept coming up, but he denied himself a path forward…until a couple of weeks ago.  Something from one of our conversations helped him shift his perspective, and he has decided to move towards action.  He is currently pursuing options in his ideal career which align with his gifts and talents as well as his previous experience.  I can’t wait to see how his career health progresses!How would you rate your career health – perfectly normal, minor aches, concerning pains, or crisis?  What rating will you hit before you seek the help from a professional?