I went to hear a speaker, Mary Bielski, with my son's youth group this weekend.  Her talk focused on hope during this season of Advent and Christmas.  She said something that made me really stop in my tracks: “Being hopeful scares us.”  Mary went on to share that our hopes have been dashed so many times that disappointment prevents us from hoping.  Especially as adults, she said “It’s easy to not hope or believe any more.”


The other portion of Mary’s talk that really stuck with me was the nativity story where there was no room at the inn.  She compared that to how much room we have in our hearts.  “Are our hearts too full of good things to accept something even better?”

Both of these points struck me personally but also professionally.  How often do we, as working professionals, not dare to hope or believe in something even better for our careers?  How often do we assume that what we have is as good as we can expect?  And yet how often do our hearts yearn for something more, for something more fulfilling, for something more aligned with our talents?  We have allowed ourselves to become constrained by our own thoughts and by the images of the world around us. 

During this season, I challenge you to reflect on the career hopes you have hidden away deep in your heart.  What steps will you take to open the gate on that hope again as you prepare to enter into the new year?