We have become creatures of activity to the point of busyness. Our lives have taken on a pace of their own. Our schedules are over packed, and it's become a badge of honor to reply with a sigh followed by “busy” when people ask us how we are doing. When we find an opening in our calendars, we are quick to fill it from our endless to-do lists.

Take a minute to reflect on the busyness of your life over the past two weeks. How many of these activities will you see as important when you look back one year from now? How many of these activities will prove to be pivotal to your purpose in life?

Follow these five steps to reduce the busyness and increase the time you spend on activities that are important to you.

1.      Personal values. What are your personal values? Refer to this tool to help you define your personal values.   

2.      Congruence. How well are you acting on those values? Where do you feel the points of stress?

3.      Picture. Paint a picture your life in which the values and actions are congruent. What does it look like? How do you feel in living this life?

4.      Alignment. How can you turn the picture you painted into the reality of your everyday life?

5.      Movement. What one to two small things can you do in the next week to make this part of your everyday reality? How will you hold yourself true to living in the new reality you have created for yourself?

In summary, there will always be more to do than we have time to accomplish.  However, when you focus on your personal values, the important things in life become very clear and give perspective on how we spend the precious time we have.  When you gain clarity on your values, you gain confidence to forge your path to “yes”!

How ready are you to redefine what you say "yes" to?