I took this picture in my garden over the weekend. The butterflies have really been enjoying these beautiful, yellow Lantana flowers.   While watching the butterflies, I was thinking about the transformational process they go through during their life cycle.

Butterflies start out as an egg that hatches into a caterpillar, which ultimate wraps itself into a Chrysalis.  Monarch butterflies spend 10-14 days in the quiet of their cocoon.  It is during that time of quiet that transformation takes place.

When do I take time for my quiet, transformational space?  In the past I have spent a few minutes alone in the chapel either early in the morning or in the afternoon before the rush of the witching hour – that time of day that all mothers dread.  The kids are tired and hungry; we are tired; homework needs to be checked or finished; dinner needs to be prepped and cooked; and other chores may be waiting as well. 

I realized last week that I have fallen out of the habit of creating that quiet, transformational time for myself.  It was during those few minutes each day where I could pray and reflect.  I gained clarity on my day-to-day tasks.  I found purpose in my life and my goals. 

Today I made sure to stop in the chapel for just 5 minutes before heading into work. It's amazing to me what a difference those five minutes make.  I had a great Monday.  My level of productivity and focus was on point today.  I reaffirmed that I am living according to my core values and that I am living in my purpose.

What does your time of quiet look like? How do you feel when you set aside transformational time for yourself?  If a butterfly can transform from a caterpillar into a beautiful, multicolored, winged creature that glides through life, how can you transform during your time of quiet?