We have a tradition in our house of leaving our Christmas tree and decorations up through Epiphany.  Well, January 8th was Epiphany and with the snow day we had on the following Monday, I had every intention of taking the decorations down and putting them away until… I had little motivation Monday morning to do the work.  I made excuses like “It’s too cold to go into the eaves to get the bins in which we store the decorations.”  Needless to say I came up with several other excuses and our house still had Christmas decorations out until this past weekend. 

About mid-morning on Saturday, I rounded up all of the storage bins and gave my older kids the task of taking down and packing the ornaments from the tree.  My toddler helped with the non-breakable items, and my husband helped take the tree to the curb and clean up the needles that had dropped all over the floor while I reorganized the now full bins in the eaves.  By lunchtime, the task was all done.

Afterwards when I looked at the living room, it seemed a little stark.  The room was not as full, and the mantel was almost bare.  While that description may sound a bit sad, I actually found it refreshing.  The room was stripped down to the necessities.  The function and beauty of each piece could really been seen and appreciated. 

This process of peeling back layers to see the splendor at the core reminded me of a conversation I had with a new client this past week.  She is unsure of what her career path is.  She cannot answer the question, “Where do you want to be in the next 3-5 years?”  There are no specific jobs that seem like the right next move for her. 

I know so many mid-level professionals who feel the same way.  The difference is she is ready to do the work of getting down to the core of what is important to her and uncovering what her God-given talents are.  I can’t wait to see her energy level increase, her confidence soar, and her line of sight become more clear as we partner together over these next weeks.    

As we begin this new year, take a look at your own career path.  Are you currently at a fork in the road and need to make a decision about which direction to take?  Or does the road ahead just look foggy?  Perhaps it’s time for you to peel back the layers and really examine your authentic values and the unique gifts you have so you can see the splendid path that is waiting for you.  Are you ready to do the work?