It’s still difficult to believe that 2016 has past and that we are now in 2017.  As I get older, it seems that the months fly by.  With the turn of the new year, it is time for setting resolutions and goals.   And yet, New Year’s resolutions are vastly a figment of the imagination once we get into the month of February.  Why is that?

It could be a lack of self-discipline.  It could be a lack of passion.  Or…it could be that we don’t have the confidence needed to really go after the goal we most desire.

Confidence is the “full trust or belief in a person”.  Self-confidence is the full trust or belief in yourself.  So why don’t we trust ourselves?  For some of us, past experience has encouraged this disbelief.  For others, we find ourselves listening to that voice within us that questions our worthiness. 

When I think back to my childhood experiences with playing sports, I can pinpoint some key times when my confidence was eroded.  For example, I tried out for the girls’ basketball team in middle school.  I hustled at practice.  I went the extra mile trying to save a ball and ended up with a nasty bruise on my hip and a disjointed finger.  When I didn’t make the team, I chalked it up to not being good – at all sports.  This experience impacted my confidence about my athletic abilities until I was in college.  I joined every intramural league sporting team with my friends, and while I will not be setting new records on the court in my lifetime, I discovered that I am not at the level I allowed myself to believe for so many years.

The question then becomes: How do we break out of this disbelief in ourselves and embrace the confidence we so desire?  The answer to that question differs for individuals.  However, there are some approaches that seem to have some universality to them – envisioning confidence, identifying role models, altering your posture, and acting as if you already have what you desire.

If you are interested in breaking your disbelief in yourself, join me on January 9th as I host an absolutely FREE Confidence Challenge.  Register through this link to participate in 5 days of confidence-filled action items designed to move you forward past your disbelief.  This could be the action you need to make your New Year’s resolutions stick for 12 months instead of 1!