The first month of the year is coming to a close.  The first 30 days of your New Year resolutions are behind you.  How are you faring? 

Research shows that the majority of resolutions are related to self-improvement or education.  We are seeking a better version of ourselves.  That could mean that we want to use our untapped strengths more in our day-to-day work.  It could mean that we are striving for a work life that offers more of a balance or blend with our home life. 

However, only 58% of people maintain their resolutions past the first month.  That means that 44% do not, which poses the question of “Why?”

There are three key reasons I see with the professionals who seek my help as they are making career changes:  1) setting a realistic goal plan, 2) maintaining self-confidence, 3) establishing an accountability partner. 

Goals are often either too vague or unrealistic.  I met with a client this past week who wants to make a dramatic career shift in a couple of years.  She recognized the need to create a plan of how to get from point A to point B but was unsure of how to do so.  We are now mapping out that plan and setting specific, realistic goals to help her achieve her dream.

Sometimes a lack of self-confidence prevents individuals from reaching their desired state.  One client with whom I worked was struggling in interview settings to share why she was the best fit for the role.  We partnered to bolster her confidence and shift her mindset.  She went into the interview with a renewed sense of her abilities, and she aced it!

There is a reason we often think of hiring a trainer when we are working towards weight loss or fitness milestones – an accountability partner.  We know reporting out to a trainer will keep us focused on the goal at hand.  The same is true with a coach.  A client I met at the end of last year was very clear on the new direction he wanted for his career but needed to expand his network and gain more visibility within that industry.  While he knew the steps he needed to take, it felt so far out of his comfort zone that he was not following through on them.  After just a few sessions, he increased his online visibility within the industry he was pursuing and began to look at local contacts he could meet face-to-face. 

So, which reason is preventing you from reaching your desired goals in 2017?  What step will you take to ensure that you are in the 8% of people who achieve their resolutions?