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Earlier in my career I viewed networking as salesy, uncomfortable, and not worth my energy. Was I ever wrong! It took me some time to come around to accepting networking.  Now, not only do I enjoy networking, but I recommend it consistently to others.

Here are the key benefits that lie in networking that I have discovered in my 20-year career:

1) The power of serving.

There have been countless times where I have been able to connect one person from my network with another person from my network so they could explore mutual interests and work opportunities.

2) The Power of innovation.

I'm sure you have heard the saying that there are no new ideas. While that may have some truth to that, I do believe we can bring innovation into our work by learning from what others are doing. Their ideas spark new ways of applying something similar within our own work.

3) The power of mentorship.

On numerous occasions I have reached out to individuals within my network to tap into their area of expertise. Many times, these are short-term mentorships, but I have also gained much from long-term mentorships as well.

What benefits have you gained from expanding and leveraging your network?


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