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My kids are required to earn service hours each quarter through their school. Our family is often involved in community service, but I really like how the school requirement has helped my children expand their view of how to serve other people.

A few weekends ago they volunteered with Stop Hunger Now and packed over 10,000 bags of food to be shipped to people in the African country of Burkina Faso. My son also volunteers once a month in the baby and toddler room at our church. Earlier this year my daughter made meals for two families who had welcomed new babies. I love seeing how they are being formed so early to recognize that their mission in life is so closely tied to serving others.

I am currently working with a professional mom who is exploring an advancement opportunity in her career path. She is most excited about how this new role will allow her to serve others even more than in her current role. When we first began working together, I asked her to share with me what her gifts are.  Serving was one of her top 5!  As she shared with me details about this new work opportunity, it was apparent that the job aligns with her gifts and with her values.  I am excited to see where this path takes her and how she is able to touch others’ lives through her service.

In the grand scheme of things, life is very short.  Our impact in this life is tied to the lives of those around us.  Live in your gifts and live out your mission. 

What legacy will you leave behind as you serve through you work?

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