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Recently, I introduced my little guy to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. After hearing it just a couple of times, he began telling the story as we were looking at each page, reciting it from memory. It always makes me chuckle to hear his little voice transforming into the deep Papa Bear's voice, the mid-range Mama Bear’s voice, and the high squeak of Baby Bear’s voice. This story has definitely become one of his favorites as he is asking for it almost every night before bed.

Being a storyteller is an art. The way the story unfolds shows the creativity of the author.

While I enjoy being creative, I have recognized that storytelling in the traditional sense is not one of my primary gifts. However, helping other people tell their story is.

A few weeks ago, a dear friend of mine reached out for help on how to write his year-end review. He sent over his first draft outlining what he had done over the course of the year. We spent about 20 minutes over the phone so I could better understand not only what he had done but how he had done it and the impact that it had on others. In that short amount of time we worked together to transform a simple list into the story of the work he had accomplished and the effect that that work had on his organization.

It was in that moment that I had a mini revelation. My gift of helping other people tell their story transcends the coaching work that I have been doing. The majority of my coaching has been partnering with professionals who desire to make a career change.  We look at what their gifts are and how they translate into a variety of roles.  Yet, helping people tell their story as they transition from one role to another is only one part of my storytelling. Yes, I help them in speaking of those gifts as they move to the phase of interviewing.  However, my storytelling extends also to helping them find the words to craft their resume – telling their story in writing.  

I am grateful that my friend reached out for support.  The fact that he trusted me, not as his friend, but as someone who was talented in this area has helped me see how I can serve others in a similar way.  So, while I will never be a Robert Southey (the original author of Goldilocks and the Three Bears), I am a storyteller in my own right.

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