Music holds a special place in my life. Each member of my family loves music in his or her own way. My daughter and I are the two who are currently preparing for an event in the upcoming weeks.  She is preparing songs for a piano recital while I am learning a classical song for a special event at our church.

Tonight, my daughter asked me to listen to her play her two recital pieces. She knows both of the songs fairly well; however, there are points within each song where she does not know exactly where her fingers should go next.

As a singer, I can totally relate to this. As I am learning this new song, I have been singing it with a recording to better learn my harmony part. A few days ago though I started singing it on my own without the recording. That is when it became very apparent that there were some sections I just did not know as well as others.  I did not know where my voice should go next.

Marching along a career journey can be the same way.  You are going along focused on what you need to get done that day.  Then, something makes you stop.  That’s when you realize that you have been following along but are uncertain what step you should take next.

Life is short.  Stop just following along.  Map out your plan.  Know your next step.  Only you can share your unique gift with the world.

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