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So, you are ready for that promotion, but it has not materialized yet. What to do? Check out the tips below to see what action you can take to help yourself reach your goal.

1.     Identify clear examples of situations where you have used the skill sets needed for the role in which you are striving. If you have those examples, move forward to step two.  If you are missing strong examples, work with a mentor or a coach to gain those experiences.  You will need them in the interview process to set yourself apart and to demonstrate your abilities.

2.     Communicate with key stakeholders your desire to move forward in your career.  If no one knows of your career goals, you have no one to advocate for you.  Ideally, you have one person who sponsors you, a person who has a level of influence to get you the exposure needed to the right people and projects to help you make that career move.

3.     Gather feedback to continue closing the gap.  Instead of simply waiting for that promotion, use the time wisely.  Look for opportunities to strengthen your skill set and grow your examples for that future interview.

4.     Follow up.  As you work to close any gaps in your knowledge and skills, follow up with the key stakeholders.  Keep them apprised of the progress you are making, which shows your ongoing interest and persistence in doing the work to get to your end goal.

What other tips have you found helpful as you have worked to earn your promotions? 

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