As some of you already know, I sing in the choir at church on Sundays. Over the years I have discovered that I love the physical act of singing. While I will never be able to name that tune, complete the lyrics to various songs, or name the artist for a particular song, I get great joy out of simply singing.

This past Sunday I was singing a psalm that I have sung many times before. However, this time while practicing before Mass, I was having trouble hearing myself through the monitor. I was also having trouble correctly hitting the last note of the verses. Some adjustments were made with the sound system, and I went over the melody for the verses several times to try to correct that one note. Of course, when it was time who sing the song there was a lot of noise in my mind leading up to it. “Will I get it right this time?” “Will I even know if I've gotten it right?” “How will this impact the message of the song if I don't do it right?” Right before the music started, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and reassured myself that it was going to be okay.

So often I speak with professionals who can't hear their own voice any longer in their work. They have been so intensely focused within their role that the voice within their heart has almost been silenced. For some professionals, the noise and chatter that surrounds them prevents them from hearing their own voice. There is often a drive to achieve that next promotion or to just deal with the office politics to maintain a certain status level within the organization. That noise is so loud at times that we become caught up in the excitement and often the pressure that comes with it. Meanwhile, we are no longer asking ourselves “Is this what I truly want?” “Will this give me long-term satisfaction?”

What about you?  How well do you listen to your inner voice?  How grounded are you in what is important to you versus following the crowd mentality at work?


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