The weather here quite unusual for February but gorgeous! The warm days lured me outside to start working on some of my gardening projects. A couple of weeks ago when I realized our birdhouse looked as if someone had taken a bat to it I asked my son to find the appropriate tools to attempt to repair it. His curious mind quickly discovered what the problem was, found the correct tools needed for the job, and went about making the repairs with no additional help from myself or my husband.  Then, this this past weekend I asked, ”Would you be interested in completing another project?” The slide on our playset had broken at the end of last summer, but we have not gotten around to taking it apart.  Again my son’s gift for determining how things work and his sense of curiosity lent themselves well to this particular task.  We ended up working together to take the entire slide apart.  While this may not seem like a complicated task, finding the correct size wrench and screwdriver in addition to determining a way to remove rusty screws when they would not back out of the hole was a task that would have taken me much longer on my own.  I am very grateful for my son's help, but I am most grateful that we found a natural way for him to use his curiosity and analysis of situations for the betterment of our family.

What are your God-given gifts?  How are you using them in your work to leave an impact on the world around you?

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