The important things in life never happen at the "right" time. Today as I was closing down my day and prepping for a jam-packed rest of the week with critical items that have firm deadlines, I got the call from daycare that my toddler has a fever.  For those of you with kids, you know this means leaving work pretty immediately to go pick up poor little guy. It also means that he is out of school for at least tomorrow, if not longer, as kids must be fever free for 24 hours before they can return to daycare.  

Family is one of my top three priorities.  So it was not a tough decision to stop what I was doing and what I had planned for this week to give my little one the attention he needs.  However, there is never a good time to be sick.  There is never a convenient time to re-work expectations and deadlines.  There is never a perfect time for juggling key priorities while staying true for your core values.

The same can be said for your work goals.  I speak with mid-level professionals, like yourself, who are craving something more from their work.  They want to be more fulfilled, to use their God-given talents more every day, to make a shift away from the work they are doing currently.  Those changes are important things!  Those changes lead to your greater contribution to the world, your ability to positively impact those around you, and your increased sense of accomplishment in life.

Yet, we frequently tell ourselves that it’s just not the “right” time.  While there are different seasons in life, there will never be a perfect time to make the changes you are seeking.  There will never be a convenient time to invest in yourself.  The decision really comes down to how important is it for you to make those career changes and how do those changes align with your core values. 

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