The warm weather has inspired me to do some spring cleaning in my yard.  This weekend I spent about 20 minutes cleaning out a small flower bed in the backyard. The winds from the fall and winter pushed the leaves to this particular spot.  When I first started working, it was a thick covering of brown, dead leaves that prevented me from seeing the actual soil within the bed.

I used a small, handheld rake to gently remove the leaves that were embedded in the few plants that I have in that area. Then, I was able to use the large rake to pull those leaves completely out of the bed. Now this area is ready for some summer annuals and for a new coat of mulch. In another month this will be one of the most beautiful areas of my backyard.  It's incredible to realize what can be achieved with intentional focus in a short period of time using the right tools!

That same concept is true within our careers. We often become complacent and settled into the routine we have adopted.  We allow the leaves of old habits to gather and turn brittle without us even recognizing it. We accumulate thought patterns that are limiting and fixed.

Are you ready for a spring cleaning within your own career? Are you prepared to set aside a short amount of intentional time make the change you desire? Are you aware of the resources you will need in order to get the end result you want?


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