This week while my older kids are on Easter break I organized and spruced up two areas of our house with focused attention in a short amount of time – the hallway closet and the master bathroom.  I spent about 20 minutes shopping for a few basic supplies and then about 30 minutes actually working. 

For the hallway closet, I bought three small bins, one for each child, to store hats, mittens, and scarves.  Now, instead of the random pile of things in the bottom of the closet, each child can find what he/she needs quickly (and can put it away in the right spot too!). 

I had updated the paint in the master bathroom some time ago, but I did not change anything else.  Last week while cleaning for the holiday weekend, I determined that the rugs were beyond salvaging.  Let’s just say they have served us well for many years and were beginning to fall apart.  So I bought new rugs in an updated color and style as well as a fresh shower curtain.  I was amazed at how bright the area looked. It was like having a new bathroom!

You are probably thinking, “Where is this article going?”   Here’s the connection – just as I refreshed my home, you can refresh your career with these three steps:

1.       Take stock of what’s no longer working for you within your career.

It could be some specific tasks or projects that are draining you, or it could be that you have found yourself in a role that does not fit with your God-given gifts.  Be as specific as possible when calling out what is not working.

2.       Identify what you are ready to take action on now.

So often we are waiting for the right time, for things to be more calm in our lives, for there to be more money, for there to be more time.  There will never be a perfect time – decide how important it is for you to make this refresh, how will it change how you feel and how you show up both at work and at home.

3.       Secure the appropriate assistance that will support you through this refresh.

We all need assistance at different points in life with a variety of tasks.  Your career is no different.  Invest in yourself through ongoing education and/or career coaching.

 Sprucing up my home left me feeling light, bright, and energized.  Taking this same approach with your career will leave you feeling the same way!  Are you ready to get started?


Lesley works with mid-level professionals who are dissatisfied with their current career, ready to make a change, and a bit uncertain about where to start.  Her clients get real results, walk away feeling energized and focused, and have a greater impact on those they are serving by using their God-given gifts.  Contact Lesley today to start realizing your career aspirations!