During Easter break my older kids and I broke out the board games for a little family fun time.  It's always an interesting decision about what we will play as one child enjoys games of strategy and another child enjoys games of chance.  One of the games we played was Monopoly. There's always the thrill of rolling the dice to see if you will land on Free Parking and cash in on all of the money that's been collecting there. Another highlight of the game for us is landing on Go and earning $400 instead of just $200 for passing Go.  And the best part of this particular game – no one walked away angry this time because someone else was so far ahead!

When it comes to your career, are you using strategy or simply leaving it to chance?  Just as a board game has a path or pattern to follow, your career journey should also have a framework that you are following to help you realize your goals. Simply leaving it to chance is way too risky!  While you do not need every step of your journey until retirement planned out, you should certainly have clear direction for your short-term and mid-term goals.

Now is a great time to consider working with a career coach.  When I hired my first coach, I was amazed at how much I learned about myself and how much clarity I gained.  I was able to clearly define my strengths, my goals, and the steps I needed to take to reach those goals.  And I had someone holding me accountable to take action on the activities I had defined that would propel my career forward.  I was able to make so much progress in a short period of time because of the coach with whom I was working. 

Don’t leave your career dreams to chance!  Partner with a coach to strategically plan your path forward.


Lesley works with mid-level professionals who are dissatisfied with their current career, ready to make a change, and a bit uncertain about where to start.  Her clients get real results, walk away feeling energized and focused, and have a greater impact on those they are serving by using their God-given gifts.  Contact Lesley today to start realizing your career aspirations!