On Sunday I was outside with my toddler trying to distract him from a small boo-boo he had gotten while playing basketball with the rest of the family. I took him under the canopy of a tree and said “Look up!  See all of the green leaves.”  We stared up at the beauty of the web above our head, and he stopped crying. 

The experience made me think of something that I had heard earlier in the day about self-imposed tombs. Quite frequently, when we peel back the layers to determine why we are not making the progress we want to make towards a career goal, we find that we are limiting ourselves.  We have created a self-imposed restriction that is preventing us from moving forward.  We have limited ourselves in what we believe to be true or what we believe to be a constraint.

Recently, I was speaking with a client who had a breakthrough moment. He realized that the way he was approaching his work was actually creating a limitation on his ability to impact the outcomes he was working towards. Once he let go of those limitations, he found that his productivity flourished and he was able to achieve the outcomes for which he was striving.

Three weeks ago I spoke with another client who had realized that she was not using all of her gifts in her current role. Since that time, she recognized the opportunity to expand her role a bit and that has allowed her to use her gifts more fully and make a larger impact on her organization.

This change in perspective created a huge shift for both of these clients. My question for you this week is “What is your current perspective?”  if you feel like you are in a self-imposed tomb with your career goals, take a moment to shift your perspective, step out of those limitations, and embrace your gifts.


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