Last week I wrote about the risky business of allowing chance to dictate your career journey. Creating a strategy to help you get from point A to point B in your career is a much more promising plan!

So often I find people are chasing a title but have not confirmed whether that title fits with their gifts. When that alignment is not present, your satisfaction in the new role is fleeting.  As you immerse yourself into your new day-to-day tasks, the shininess of the role begins to wear off and soon thereafter you find yourself feeling disillusioned and disappointed.

At one point in my career when I was pregnant with my second child, I made a conscious decision to change roles.  I wanted a job with a bit more flexibility as I was adjusting to having two kids and with less demands on me emotionally.  I knew this move was not my lifelong career dream, but what I did not realize was that it would take me almost five years to break out of that safe routine to recognize how infrequently I was using my gifts.

Over the past week I spoke with two individuals who are just starting the process of defining their strategy. With both of these clients we are partnering to identify what their God-given gifts are. Their gifts will guide the rest of the process for them, ensuring that they seek out roles that allow them to tap into their natural talents thereby creating a greater impact on those around them.  I am eager to see their strategy unfold as we map out their journey based upon their true gifts.


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