After dropping my kids off at school, I stopped to get gas for my car. It was one of those chores that I should have done a couple of days ago but had put it off until I no longer could. While I was pumping gas out of the periphery I saw a goose coming my way. And then another. And then another. And then another. These geese were walking across the parking lot one right behind the other. I expected to see some goslings as well, but there were just four adults.

As I was pumping gas watching these geese, I could not help but think about how they were all following the leader. So often, we simply follow the leader when it comes to our career paths. We see how someone else has made a move that looks interesting to us, and we assume that we need to follow the same path they took to get there.

Geese have biological reasons and advantages for playing follow the leader.  Humans can also learn from those professionals who have gone ahead of us.  However, we have a distinct advantage of crafting our own path.  Each one of us is unique in the gifts we have been given and the experiences we have had along the way. 

Leveraging this distinctive combination is what leads us to living out our mission in life.  It is what leads to greater fulfillment and satisfaction in the work you are doing each day, and it is what allows you to leave behind your legacy, impacting the world in a way that is greater than you can imagine.

Are you ready to step out of the line of followers and find the path that leads to your legacy?


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