We spent some time this weekend with dear friends of ours.  We always end of having so much fun when we get together, and the kids all play so well with one another.  My little guy is the youngest by far, but he certainly thought he was just as big as the older kids.  At one point he was throwing and kicking a ball with the entire crew of kids.  Then, he saw the older kids hop on the trampoline for some fun, and he said with great longing, “Seanie jump!” 

From the eyes of a mother, I saw too many bodies inside the trampoline and the potential for my baby (who is no longer a baby) to be trampled underfoot.  I held off for a while, and when several of the kids cleared out to get more food, my friend suggested that he go in while there were only a couple of kids on the trampoline.  So…I put him in.  The joy on his face as he experienced this first was amazing to watch.  He did not question his ability.  He did not doubt himself.  He saw something he wanted to do, dove in, and had a great time!

Too many times, we limit ourselves by listening to that voice in our minds that plants seeds of doubt.  How often have you wanted something in your career life but thought:

 “I can’t do that.”

“I don’t have the skillset needed for that project.”

“I don’t have enough experience to pursue that role.”

Too often, we are holding ourselves back.   What we are thinking in our minds becomes the reality we live in.  Yet, it could all be very different.

I do not want to downplay the need for formal learning or experiences.  They are valid reasons for not making an immediate move to a new position.  However, we are completely capable of taking steps to obtaining what we need to create a path forward towards our career desires. 

One client I worked with last year was doubtful about starting her own business while she was in the process of changing her day job to a new company.  In one session we uncovered that she was allowing fear to limit herself.  After mapping out boundaries that would allow her to feel stability through all of the change, she opened her business, providing financial guidance to several women while thriving in her new day job.

Another client I worked with recently had known for years what she wanted to do.  However, she felt limited by life circumstances with her family.  After working through some self-limiting beliefs, she is pursuing the formal education needed to make the move she has wanted for so long.

While I am not a jump off the cliff kind of person, I am all for feeling the confidence my son had when looking at that trampoline with such a desire to try it out.  That confidence brings the self-assurance needed to map out and then pursue the path that will lead you to living out your career mission.  Re-write the script that is playing in your mind and get started on your path!