I recently had eye appointment for my annual exam. I have worn glasses or contacts since the end of elementary school. In the past, every year when I would go in for my exam my eyesight would get a little worse each time. Even though for several years now my eyesight has remained at a constant prescription, I still go in with a bit of hesitancy around whether I will “pass” the test this year or not.

Over the past few years I finally realized that the doctor’s job was not to catch me doing something wrong but rather to help enhance my eyesight, give me a clear view of the world, and protect a valued resource. This year I was pleasantly surprised to find that my eyesight had gotten slightly better. We have made an adjustment to my prescription, and I am finding that my view is much more clear now.

My role as a career coach is similar to that of an optometrist. As a coach, I partner with professionals to identify what special gifts and talents they have and align those gifts with their work. My goal is to see professionals who have been asking “What do I want to be when I grow up?” answer that question with confidence and with great clarity.  Together, we hone in on the God-given gifts they possess and then map out how they will use those gifts to fulfill the mission they have been called to do in their work-life.

Are you living out your mission in life, or are you letting fear hold you back?  You only get one lifetime to make a difference in the world. Your time is now!


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