In one of my conversations today we were discussing how busy this individual was in her current work. She is very focused, heads down working on an intense project that has a wide scope. She shared with me that it's not a good time currently for her to work on her own development, to really take the time to discern what she wants to do with her career and how to construct the steps to get there.

So often I hear similar stories from other busy professionals. I have even fallen into that trap myself. As working mothers, we always have a lot on our plates whether it is an impactful initiative at work, a large milestone for one of our children, or a sizable project within our homes.

When you look at the secret life of successful working mothers the answer to their success becomes pretty clear. Despite the hectic days in their overall life and career, they consistently carve out time for their own development.

They recognize that the perfect time will never occur.

They recognize and honor the need for their own sense of fulfillment.

They recognize and use their God-given gifts to impact their teams, their customers, and, most importantly, their families and communities.

If you find yourself waiting for the right time, spend a few minutes reflecting on what lies beneath that statement for you. What is it, besides time, that is holding you back from changing the world around you and increasing your level of fulfillment within life?  Then, take one step forward towards that career goal and start your momentum now.


Lesley provides individualized coaching to professional moms who are seeking greater satisfaction in their careers.  She helps working mothers uncover their God-given gifts, name their non-negotiable values, and align their career path with those gifts and values to have a greater impact on the world.  Access Lesley’s free self-assessment to determine how well you recognize and use your God-given gifts!