Those who know me know that I enjoy being out in the yard whether it's gardening in my vegetable bed or working in my flower beds. A few days ago I noticed my tomato plant had tomatoes that were ripe and ready to be picked. My two-year-old went with me, and I had to explain to him that the green tomatoes weren't quite ready yet but the red tomatoes were ready. These red tomatoes were at their prime to be used for some yummy meals. I have used this year's crop to make salads, sandwiches, and to add as toppings to nachos.

If I had not picked these ripe tomatoes, they would have gone to waste on the plant. Their beauty and purpose would have never been realized.

As you examine your career life, you too have gifts and talents that are ripe and ready to be used for a greater purpose.  How are your gifts being brought to light in your current role?  How are you using those gifts to have a greater impact on those around you? 

Don’t let your gifts go to waste!  Life is too short to stay in a role where you are earning a good paycheck but not feeling a sense of fulfillment.  Begin harvesting your gifts today!


Lesley provides individualized coaching to professional moms who are seeking greater satisfaction in their careers.  She helps working mothers uncover their God-given gifts, name their non-negotiable values, and align their career path with those gifts and values to have a greater impact on the world.  Access Lesley’s free self-assessment to determine how well you recognize and use your God-given gifts!