When we moved into our home 18 years ago, there was an 8 foot drop off between our house and our neighbor’s.  Needless to say, I was concerned about the danger that this posed.  I really did not want to look out my back window and see a fence.  I much prefer greenery.  So that led to some investigation on what type of hedge would work best and look great. I ended up finding these beautiful hydrangeas that bloom late in the summer through the early fall.  They have certainly grow a lot over the years, and I look forward to the lovely white flowers each summer.  This natural boundary between us and our neighbors creates a green backdrop for the rest of the yard while also providing protection from a nasty fall down the hill.

We don’t have any problem establishing boundaries along our property lines.  Lots of homes are built with fences or folks put up fences soon after they move in.  However, many of us have issues with establishing proper boundaries at work. 

I have observed professionals make themselves available at all hours of the day, night, and weekend to only be frustrated a few months into their role when they want to scale back but are unsure how to do so.  I have also observed professionals accept roles that compromise their own core values (time with family, extensive travel, rigid work environments, etc) so they can move ahead in their careers. Unfortunately, those individuals were miserable, dissatisfied, and disillusioned.  They thought saying ‘yes’ to the career opportunity and the advancement it would allow would make up for the important things they were compromising. 

Next week we will look in more detail at how you can set proper boundaries within your career life.  I have seen great joy coming from within my clients as they recognize the core values they hold dear, honor those values, and still find work that propels their careers forward.  Tune back in next week to learn how you can do the same!


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