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Imagine this…you are pitching an idea to your boss, an idea that you are passionate about, an idea that could be a game-changer in your organization.  You share your excitement about how this concept will positively benefit the business.  Your boss responds with skepticism.  She is not easily sold on this new concept.  She wants more analysis before moving forward in this direction.  You leave the meeting feeling deflated.

This scenario is probably familiar to you.  We all have had experiences where we presented a proposal only to find it halted or disregarded by the key decision maker.  How can we learn from this and change the outcome in the future? 

The key is recognizing what is important to your boss (or any key decision maker).  Once you know what drives her, what her thought process is, you can adjust your pitch to appeal to her priorities.  Think of it as learning a new language.  When you can speak in the language of your boss, she can hear the message you are sharing.

“The only way on Earth to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it.”  Dale Carnegie

It sounds complicated – learning the language of the person you want to influence.  However, it is actually quite easy.  There are simple tools you can use to diagnose someone’s communication preferences.  Each preference has basic do’s and don’ts of how to help someone of that preference hear your message.  The hardest part is slowing down long enough to diagnose and then adjust your pitch.  But the payoff of talking in the same language as your boss is huge!


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