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The theme we have been examining this month is luck vs preparation when it comes to your career.  Last week we heard from one professional’s point of view on how preparation led him to new opportunities.  This week we look at this same concept through the lens of another professional:

“I am 36 years old and it has only been in the last 3 or 4 years that I realized the difference between a job and a calling. Not all jobs lead to your calling, but God can use these jobs to prepare you for your calling. I consider all the jobs, now and in the past, to be part of my preparation tool kit.”

She goes on to share this metaphor:

“Think of the best meal you have ever had. How it smelled, looked, tasted and made you feel. You wanted more, right?? Now, that meal did not just come to be. Rather it required preparation and ingredients. Each ingredient played a part in the final product. The same has been true for me. While not all jobs have been my favorite, they have shaped me into the woman I am today and the woman I am still becoming.

A career journey is simply that...a journey. At 34 I decided to go Graduate school. I realized a missing ingredient for my future path was education in the field of study I wanted to practice in. The past 18 months have been filled with preparation for the next part of my journey. But it is not just the end is not just the degree. The degree represents months and months of preparation, studying, and growth.

So, to answer your question, I believe in preparation. And I believe preparation at times can make us feel "lucky." But the truth is, it is in the preparation that we are growing our skills to become who we want to be so we can do the things that bring us fullness and joy.”

This professional reflected back on conscious and unconscious preparation.  She believes that every experience plays a role in forming you and preparing you for your next step.  As I look back on my own career, I recognize the skills I gained in each of the roles I have had and how those collectively shaped my skillset to prepare me for a role that I was truly passionate about. 

How have the stops along your career path provided you with skills and experiences you are using today?

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