Happy Easter!  Easter and springtime are a favorite for so many of us.  The cold of winter is over, and we are reminded of the promise of a new beginning when we look at the budding trees and the resurrection of Jesus.

I, too, am considering this Easter a new beginning.  For almost two years I have written a weekly blog sharing insights into development and career growth.  This spring I am moving to a bi-weekly blog so I can spend more time investing in you and in programs that are important to you.

In the research I have done over the past couple of months, work life balance keeps coming up as the number one pain point for the vast majority of professionals, especially working moms.  Many of us feel conflicted in wanting to grow our careers and yet feeling that our commitments at home will suffer while doing so.  This month I am launching a group coaching program specifically on work life balance and how to have it all

In this 4 week program, we will explore common stressors that make balancing work and life difficult.   We will discover what it takes to create a new beginning, including healthy boundary and expectation setting for ourselves and those around us.  We will then begin to transform our ideal into reality!

Click here to register for this limited program.  I am so excited about this new beginning and about being able to partner with you in new ways!


Lesley provides individualized and group coaching to professionals who are seeking greater satisfaction in their careers.  She helps them uncover their God-given gifts, name their non-negotiable values, and align their career path with those gifts and values to have a greater impact on the world.  Lesley has helped professionals from many different fields, including IT, healthcare, and education.  Register today for Lesley’s new group coaching program, Work Life Balance:  How to Have It All