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“I’m not a Supermom, just a mom who is trying to keep it all together.”  That’s what one brave mom shared with me this week when I asked to interview her to learn more about her individual story and what themes arise from our collective stories.  That is true for every working mother in America.  We are all simply trying to make it.  We are seeking fulfillment from our careers and satisfaction from raising our kids.  We want to live out our mission in life, so we can make the world a better place. 

What keeps working moms from boldly owning the title of Supermom?  The definition according to Webster is:  an exemplary or exceptional mother, especially one who successfully manages a home and brings up children while also having a full-time job. That may sound like a lot to live up to; yet, I cross paths with hundreds of women who are doing just this.  So what is creating the barrier in proclaiming the Supermom role and how to do move past it?  Here are two keys to boldly claim what is yours:

Embrace your worth – Supermoms are viewed like Superheroes.  Not really human.  The reality is that while Supermoms can’t possibly do everything all the time all on their own these women are quite remarkable.  They are raising amazing kids, managing a household, and progressing their careers.  Forget the pressure of putting yourself on a pedestal, and embrace the truth and worth in the work you are doing on both fronts of your life.

Gain clarity – Along with the elevation of the pedestal comes the sinking feeling of guilt when you are unable to complete every item on your to-do list.  Let’s face it – our to-do lists are ever expanding and are often filled with low impact items.  When we are clear about what is important, those are the things (and people) we spend our time on.  Then, the guilt becomes a non-issue.

Women make up 47% of the US workforce, and 70% of moms with kids under the age of 18 are working moms according to data from the US Department of Labor (2017).  These numbers have continued to climb over the past 70 years.  That means there are a lot of Supermoms out there!

While not one of us is perfect, we are all doing our best both at home and at work.  So claim the role of Supermom, even in your imperfections.  “Your imperfections are marks of authenticity…And that is the beauty of you.”  Isaac Fowler

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