The workload seemed manageable…until I realized I was pregnant with my second child. 

I had a toddler at home who needed a lot of my attention.  Let’s face it – toddlers like to think they are pretty independent, but the reality is that they require a TON of help.  It is a key age to teach them how to be a contributor to the family, and I love their innate desire to be helpful.  Yet, it takes time, patience, and perseverance to be that teacher and to ultimately see those efforts pay off. 

And to think that I was adding a newborn to this mix just made my head spin!  Don’t get me wrong – I felt very blessed to have these two beautiful souls gifted to my care.  But as a natural introvert I was struggling with how to balance my responsibilities at work managing a large team with my responsibilities at home.  It felt like too much of me was going out, too much of my energy would be spent caring for others.  I was worried that there would not be enough energy left for me.

I felt like I was at a critical point in my life and in my career.  I had to determine how to move forward.  Should I stay in this role with 19 direct reports while caring for 2 small kids at home?  How would I manage it all?  What would I have to compromise?

In this world we are told that Supermoms are capable of having it all.  Yet, I intuitively knew I could not do it ALL.  I had to define what was most important to me.  Once I clearly stated what my priorities were both at work and at home, I had a clear path forward

While I loved having a team, I realized that I could build additional skill sets as an individual contributor.  So I made a lateral move that allowed me to gain experiences that have led me to the success I have achieved today.  On the homefront I decided that my key priorities were clean clothes and food to eat. 

Setting these priorities allowed me to redefine “having it all” to “having my all.” 

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