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Before the transition, I was the person who knew exactly how to get things done and who to involve to make it happen.  Then, I became the new kid on the block.  I was not sure how to complete even the most mundane tasks, and I felt incredibly silly asking for help.

You may be surprised to learn that I wanted this transition.  I sought out the opportunity to be the new kid.  I recognized the career growth this change would allow for me.  What I did not calculate was how uncomfortable I would feel with being a newbie again.  Yet, after working with my coach (yes, I work with a career and life coach too!), I recognized some patterns from previous experiences to apply to this situation. 

I’m sure you moms will remember being a first-time mother.  There was no instruction manual, and after covering the basics of feeding, burping, napping, diaper changing, and playing, I was all out of ideas when my newborn continued to cry.  I was not much better when my second little one came along a couple of years later.  When I had my third, there was a several year age gap with the other two.  I was a “new” mom again and was amazed at how much baby gear had changed during that window!   

My third cried like all babies tend to do when they are trying to communicate with us, and no, I did not have all the answers.  What I did have this time though was a self-assuredness that he (and I) would be fine.  I also had a friend whose little one was just six months older than mine, and I asked her a lot of questions…a lot of “silly” questions that a mom of two older kids should probably know. 

Not only did we make it through the newborn stage, we are thriving in the three-year-old stage!  As I look back at how our family changed when I became a new mom again, there was certainly a learning curve.  But the joy and fulfillment I now have were unimaginable on the other side of the curve!

Change is uncomfortable.  Change, even good change, is hard.  But when you recognize what is waiting for you on the other side, it makes going through the change worthwhile.

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