Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  With the beautiful holiday season coming to an end, we have a new beginning. 

The new year is always like a breath of fresh air.  We feel like we have a fresh start.  We can tackle things that we were not able to tackle previously.  We have greater resolve in the new year.

This sense of newness is simply a mindset -- a wonderful mindset that we can put into practice everyday, every week, every month!  The turning over of a new chapter is truly a testament to our mental strength.  And, friend, you have a lot more mental strength than you give yourself credit.

This is the time to capitalize on that strength.  It is time to take action.  Stop thinking about the change you want to make in your work life.  Stop reading the self-help books hoping that you will learn something that will help you in your home life.

It's time to turn your mental strength into tangible action!  Did you know that how you think and feel about something affects how well you perform or show up in that instance?  It's true!  There is research to back it up as well as fancy psychological terms like the Cognitive Triangle.

But you don't need tons of research or fancy names.  You need to simply focus on your intention.  Call it out by name.  Identify what you really want and map out a plan of action to get you to it.  Rely on the support, partnership, and accountability of another to help you transform your mental strength into a tangible success.

Are you ready to start the journey of transformation?  Seize the turn of the year to exert your mental strength!