We are starting the 4th week of this new year.  How is your 2019 so far?

I'm working on conserving my energy for those super busy weeks, like the one ahead.  That means working smarter, with more intention, and preparing ahead so I am not racing around.

I am helping a client do something very similar.  In the past, I helped her prepare for an interview.  She needed assistance in knowing how to promote herself and felt like she was running in circles trying to sort it out on her own. 

After a couple of focused coaching sessions, she went in prepared for the interview, told her story, and showed how she could provide value in the new role.  She walked away with a job offer!  

She reached out this weekend to sign up for another round of coaching to prepare for an internal promotion.  I appreciate how she is conserving her energy, focusing her efforts.  I know she will have a similar experience with this interview as she did with the last one because she is preparing ahead rather than racing around.  She is sure to present her true self because she is being intentional with her energy.

If you find yourself in a similar position as my client, know that you can do what she did.  You can promote yourself to take on that next big project or to move into that next role.  And you can do it while conserving your energy!

I am offering a special mini-pack of coaching sessions that will help you achieve your goals for a fraction of the traditional coaching prices.  This special offer is available for the next 4 weeks only.  So sign up today before all the available slots are taken!