It’s that time of year for thousands of kids who are on a traditional school calendar – back to school!  I have to admit that this year I have not felt ready to let go of summer, to embrace the extracurricular activities, and to launch into a new routine as my oldest two go back to school. 

However, I typically look forward to the start of school --the shopping trip to gather new notebooks, folders, and lunch boxes; the hunt to find tennis shoes that fit my kids’ feet and are in a color they like; the excitement of discovering who their homeroom teachers are; and the thrill of seeing friends they have missed all summer long.  There are so many wonderful things about the beginning of a new school year.

This type of distinct ending and new beginning in the work world happens naturally when we move from one role to another role or when we start a new project.  Yet, we can find the excitement of a new beginning at almost any point within our work.  Here are 4 tips on how to find a new beginning:

1.     Create a shift in your outlook. The first step in a new beginning starts in our minds.  When we approach a situation with a beginner’s mind, we see possibilities that did not exist previously.

2.     Alter your behavior.  Seek out one new way of doing things that you have been doing for years. Learn from those around you and then implement one of their techniques, or better yet, tweak their technique to make it work best for you.

3.     Find a partner.  We all have different God-given gifts.  We can learn so much from how others do things that are not within our realm of genius.  When possible, partner up with someone on projects or tasks so you can both work primarily within your own gifts while yielding a better quality output. 

4.     Pause to reflect.  Take time to pause frequently to assess where you are, how you feel, and what you have learned along the way. 

While the adult working world does not offer summer breaks and a new start each fall, you can create new beginnings for yourself much more often than you have previously thought possible!



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