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5 Tips to Discover Your God-given Gifts

5 Tips to Discover Your God-given Gifts

I speak with people frequently who tell me “I do not feel fulfilled in my current job”.  Just last week one individual said, “I do not feel valued in the work that I'm doing.”  These conversations led me to share 5 days of tips on how to discover your God-given gifts in my private Facebook group.  Here is a recap of those tips:

1.      Pay close attention to the activities and tasks that energize you. What is it about those tasks that bring you so much joy?

2.      Identify activities where you find yourself losing track of time. What are the things that you were doing in those moments?

3.      What skills do you have that are validated by other people? Note: these skills must be things that you also enjoy doing, not just something that you happen to be good at but dread.

4.      Visualize your ideal work day.  What are the things that you would choose to fill your day?

5.      Assess your current day-to-day responsibilities and rate how frequently you are using your God-given gifts compared to how often you are not.

Themes will arise as you go through these steps.  Within those themes lie your God-given gifts. 

While you will never find a role where you are using those gifts 100% of the time, the ratio of time you are using those gifts should outweigh the time spent doing other tasks that do not involve your gifts.

Want more help with creating a career path that leaves you feeling fulfilled and valued?  Download my free guide here.  You can also join my private Facebook group, True Calling.