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Part 2:  The Number One Reason You Are Stuck


Part 2: The Number One Reason You Are Stuck

Last week I told you about the huge amount of yard work that I need to complete.   I feel overwhelmed when I look at my flower beds, and I have said to my husband on several occasions, “I don’t even know where to start.” 

A few days ago my older kids had a day off from school.  So I sent my little guy to daycare, rolled up my sleeves, and asked my 12 year old son, “Will you help me with some shoveling for about an hour today?”  Although it was not his idea of fun on his day off, he did help, and what a difference it made!  As he was digging up my once beautiful hostas, which were now overgrown with violets, I began digging out the smaller sections of the flower bed.  I asked my 9 year old daughter, “Can you get the wheelbarrow for me?”  She said, “Sure!”  In no time, we had the bulk of one large flower bed cleared– all because I had asked for a little help.

As I look now at this large flower bed that has been almost completely cleared of weeds, I am amazed at how quickly progress has been made.  The amount of work accomplished would have taken me hours and hours to do on my own.  I reflected, “Why didn’t I ask for help earlier?” 

Imagine what would have happened if I had asked for help two years ago or even at the beginning of this summer!  1) The amount of weeds would not have been so great since they would not have had as long to grow.  2) My stress level would have been much less, and I would not have felt so overwhelmed.  3) I would have had more confidence in the appearance of my yard as it would reflect my vision for it sooner. 

This gardening project is a perfect metaphor for so many of my clients who desire a career change.  So often they feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  Some have a vision for where they want to go with their careers while others just know what they no longer want (just like all my violets!).  It takes time for them to reach the point where they are ready to ask for help.  And that is the number one reason they are stuck!

Asking for help is a sign of readiness, an acknowledgement that you are actively taking steps to live into your desired state in life.  Asking for help indicates a longing for clarity on what is most important to you and aligning those values with your true gifts and talents.

How ready are you to be unstuck?  On a scale of 1 – 5 (1 = not ready at all, 5 = ready today), how ready are you to ask for help?